Security Tips

Security Tips
  • When you move into a house or apartment, have the locks re-keyed. There’s no telling who the previous residents may have given a spare key to, or whether they kept one themselves.
  • To avoid being locked out of your house, secure a spare key in a combination or key lockbox on your property, or leave one with a trusted neighbor.
  • Original locks may look quaint, but they are nearly always unsafe. Modern locks can be refitted while keeping the original integrity of the house.
  • Keypads are a good alternative to traditional locks in homes that are occupied or accessed by many people.
  • Combination keyless locks are a great way to keep certain rooms off limits to anyone but those with the code!
  • Be careful who you give your alarm codes and keys to; some alarms now allow you to give each individual their own code so as to monitor their use.