Door Jamb Armor & Home Invasion Shield

Door Jamb Armor & Home Invasion Shield


Armor Concepts and Home Invasion Shield are two quality product lines that can help make your home safer from forced break ins.

Door Jamb Armor is the most effective door security available – designed to be installed by qualified installers it offers the highest level of protection.

Door Jamb Armor uses a patented wrapping technology that fortifies the jamb, lock AND hinges, and is made with powder-coated galvanized steel to stand up to harsh weather.

Home Invasion Shield’s Door Frame Protector strengthens the door frame, which is usually the most vulnerable part of the door, you can instantly increase the physical security of your doors and help prevent kick-in attacks. Home Invasion Shield also offers Door Hinge and Door Edge protectors as well.

Let us install these products on your external entry doors and have the piece of mind that you are doing all you can to protect your home and your family.