Commercial Products


Detex ECL-230X-TDB

Detex ECL-230X-TDB Dead bolt, panic device w/alarm

  • We repair, reinforce, and replace doors.
  • Door closers installed.
  • Push and pull plates installed or upgraded.
  • If your door is sagging, binding, or dragging?
  •  We have solutions to those problems!
  • Having a hard time getting a key cut?  No one has the right blank?  Give us a call, if we don’t have it, we can find it.
  • Many locksmiths do not work on antique locks anymore.  We do, and can make keys, and repair the locks if needed.  Replacement locks are still available for some antique furniture and doors.
  • We also carry and install: key hider boxes, furniture and cabinet locks, and safes.
  • Know who’s at the door  before you open it!
    A door viewer (sometimes called a peephole) installed on your door gives you a secure look from behind your locked door before you open it.
  • If you have a security need, just call and we can find you a product that will meet your needs.


Master Lock Covered Laminated Padlock

Master Lock Covered Laminated Padlock

Padlocks are suitable for many applications and we can provide you with padlocks that suit your needs.

  • Need padlocks that use your home or business key?
  • Need a set of padlocks for lockout/tagout for your facility?
  • Want your padlocks to work on a master key system?
  • We can do all this, just call and discuss your needs.